Why I right

Being fairly well rounded in the digital marketing space, while remaining rather svelte in my current focus, people ask me why I write when there’s other ways to get your message across. To this I say; to each their own. I fully believe that video is the most appropriate form to get your message across but being camera shy doesn’t seem to make it work for me. I’m not ashamed to say that people tell me I look like Hugh Laurie, still waiting for him to get back to me after I mentioned I was better looking, and recently there’s been lots of comparisons to Damiane Lewis, the Homeland guy. All of this makes my mom proud and makes me the most alluring fellow in the dog park according to my four legged friends but it doesn’t seem to eliminate the fact that I’m just not comfortable in front of the camera.

I’ve been following a lot of folks in the auto sector over the past year and while I may be a character by my own admission I don’t think I can do what Alan Dickie does so well that I think I might ask him for an autograph when we meet up. I’ve always been a proponent of working with the best characteristics of your resources in order to allow them to promote the offering they’re employed for while working on their own living resume. Some of the most progressive ad agencies that I’ve worked with have always promoted the individual talents of the resources that they’ve employed as a way of showing off their collective talents as THE place to work and thrive and that should be no different for the automotive sector. This morning I watched a series of dealership videos; some masterfully done in a captivating manner and others that get the message across even though you expect the quality to be like that of a Bruce Lee flick. From a contextual marketing perspective it works equally well as both introduce a human personality to their rooftop. The familiarity it creates is priceless!

I enjoy writing, it’s a creative and emotional outlet for my thoughts and when I crank something out it’s actually fun. I’ve read nearly everything by folks like Steinbeck, Hemingway, Vonnegut and Tom Robbins and while I’ll never aspire to even be a far flung shadow of their capabilities their influence on me has infiltrated my current career. I’m now creating content for an offering in the sub-prime financing space and as far as I can tell it’s not all that entertaining of an industry. Heck I haven’t even received a compliment on my writing from the folks at Carfinco yet but I do have a cyber-stalking fan in mom. At times it’s not easy to create entertaining content with a focus on business but I’m talking to car guys and if I use Allan Dickie as an example I can assure you that they’re not shy! I’m not all that great at receiving compliments and even worse when it comes to stoking my ego but the tasks we have as either an owner or a representative of a firm require content to be created in various forms. Regardless of whether we’re selling a Kia, promoting our personalities as a vendor or providing technical solutions it’s necessary to take pride in the work we do and brag about it the form we enjoy the most. It’s not easy sometimes but when you believe in something it certainly helps make it easier to create content. Thankfully I’m in automotive subprime, it might be a bit more difficult if I was in the funeral industry!