The algorithm of love (of a vehicle)

The algorithm of love (of a vehicle)I believe we all have our cultural influences and some of them can resonate with us in many forms. In my case I’m going to reference an episode of Black Mirror I’ve seen recently which I really enjoyed. For those unaware Black Mirror is a reflection of the impact that technology provides and the potential it offers for a very dystopian future. While it wasn’t my favourite episode (that one happened to be White Christmas with Jon Hamm) I do think it relates very well to the YULDrive story and its impact on the dealership world.

Hang the DJ was a satirical take on the world of online dating and while I’m not ready to start fixing my Volvo up with a Mustang I did view it as a metaphor for the data output our solutions provide. As a precursor let me state that I know that it’s a bit of a reach to equate one to the other but lead generation, nurturing and retention can easily be equated to finding a relationship although extended warranties in the relationship sense usually tend to come with rings and vows rather than F&I resources.

I’ll warn in advance that spoilers are going to have to be provided in order to make this point relevant to the YULDrive offerings but keep on reading, if nothing else the folks over at Netflix might thank me for being an influencer. In this particular episode we see the dating experiences of a couple that are drawn to each other. Throughout the episode they continue to feel that something magical exists between them and the writers manage to tug at heartstrings as viewers hope for a happy outcome. It’s a bit of a surprise to see that at the end it’s simply a series of simulations that are processed in order to determine a good match. I can’t see the folks at Cambridge Analytica having put this type of simulated data to good use but I was drawn to this due to the way our LUCY platform is taking consumer related data and matching it with various demographic and lender data in order to enable sub-prime loans. There’s a ton of criteria to consider and as our system learns from multiple variations it allows lenders and dealers to achieve synergy by meeting standards with a satisfied consumer being the end result.

For years consumers with credit issues had a stigma attached to them in a manner similar to what someone in the world of online dating might feel. As technology becomes more and more commonplace those stigmas become less of a concern and eventually you might be able to tell people the truth as to where you originally met. While online dating has its flaws due to a variety of human issues much of what we’re building towards will also have its own little hiccups. This is the basis of AI related activities and while they can be very complex we’re taking the extra steps to humanize this in order for our dealer partners to achieve success in an area that’s not been optimized. I’m continually fascinated with what AI can provide and should it eventually allow me to find an animal loving, grounded hippie type that works as a part time model I’ll be more than happy to fully buy in on the personal side. You can’t fault me if it does happen; it’s all part and parcel of the algorithm.