Assume control of your non-prime
Fundamentally change your non-prime offerings within a
central platform. Real time, AI credit decisioning.

Your team, our motor

No longer a need for specialized non-prime personnel, easily adaptable for your current F&I resources.

Finely tuned and effective

Built to streamline your credit approval process and grow your business unit. 



Pimp your ride

A hybrid F&I and AI tool built specifically for non-prime. From acquisition, communications and nurturing components to an automated decisioning platform LUCY is ready to change your credit solutions immediately.

A new tool box for your non-prime efforts.

Empower your agents

Built to assist both the business manager and your F&I team, LUCY acts as the intermediary between client case scenarios and lender approval criteria.


Let your engine roar

Full Customer Credit Management solution with multi-channel communications. Covering the A-Z of non-prime activities


Technology under your roof

A machine learning system designed to accelerate your specialized credit capabilities. Streamlined to perform analysis in real time while mitigating risk for lenders and borrowers.



Shift into gear easily. Product offerings that are built to accommodate the needs of your dealership

  • Focused on declines
  • Works seamlessly with portals
  • No additional tools
  • Evaluation of desking opportunities
  • Client information
  • Verification automation
  • Full CRM with non-prime focus
  • Dispatch and manage leads directly in LUCY
  • Data evaluation and retention components

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