Examining how executives are grappling with challenges of more data

Examining how executives are grappling with challenges of more data

This new research showed nearly 75% of financial services and insurance executives admit they are challenged by the fractured nature and vast amount of data available.

To address these issues, many financial institutions are looking to centralize their data into a single platform that can quickly support change and integrate new data models.

Well guys, this is exactly what our Lucy platform does, both at the dealership level and at the financial institution level.

Dealership Level

Lucy makes dealerships more competitive in today’s consumer-driven market as she automatically pre-approves clients at credit, whether they have prime or non-prime profiles.

Reach out if you’re part of a dealership group that wishes to reduce lost opportunities at the F&I department (Lucy reduces declines by up to 50%).

Financial Institution Level

But Lucy also gathers up to 33 000 attributes for each client (complete customer journey) and uses machine learning / clustering to generate key learnings. Reach out to us if your role is to gain insight and data on the Canadian automotive finance market.


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