YULDrive has been years in the making. It started when folks with advertising, business intelligence and automotive marketing technology backgrounds met and knew they could effect change on a problem that plagues the automotive retail sector. We saw an industry that accepted client credit issues as the business norm with minimal ability to insulate their rooftops from loss.


To solve this we combined a passion for digital marketing alongside an understanding of non-prime retail know how to create a solution that makes sense for a multitude of dealerships. Our understanding of the automotive retail ecosystem and our contribution to the emerging world of machine learning solutions are sure to make a profound impact on the industry. We look forward to powering a new sales engine for our dealer partners. 


Andre-Martin Hobbs


Andre has been in the digital world since 1999 with his focus being in the world of automotive marketing. He’s been an integral component to the success of a number of firms in this sector that experienced phenomenal growth or were acquired. Andre has created a vision for the YULDrive offering, something that has been extremely beneficial to our Quebec offering and part of our national expansion plans.

In his previous life Andre was a professional race car driver and while we all find his stories thrilling we also find him and his 8lb poodle cute.

Jonathan Markoff


Jonathan has been involved within the advertising and digital marketing industries for the past twenty years. Throughout this time he has worked with a wide range of people, everything from one man shops to Fortune 500 firms and the world of Mad Men. His focus is on creating YULDrive as a national brand that appeals to auto dealerships and their clients.

Jonathan has lived in the forests, the jungle and is equally at home in the world’s largest cities so long as he has his dogs by his side. Let’s meet.

Rosa Hoffmann

Dealer solutions consultant 

Rosa has leveraged her diverse executive level understanding of the automotive sector to the glee of her clients for years.

Within the retail and corporate sectors she has worked diligently in achieving remarkable success for her employers and clients. Most notably, she was responsible for marketing activities and partnerships for the largest automotive group in Canada. Since incorporating R.S. Business Development Solutions, Rosa has been assisting companies of all sizes throughout Canada and the United States in delivering well-crafted marketing and business development solutions. Rosa has extensive knowledge in IoT and working with companies focused on automotive tech, connected vehicle and security.

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